Brian E Parker

Raised a U.S. Air Force Brat and a U.S. Air Force Veteran himself, Brian spent his early years in and out of California at various Military Bases until he returned from his final overseas assignment in Tokyo and settled in San Francisco in 1993 – living there for 20 years before relocating to Los Angeles in 2013.Before Real Estate, Brian had a 19 year career in Investment Banking and Wealth Management – first with Wells Fargo, then First Republic. This experience taught him about loans, credit and investments – including evaluating multi-family properties for limited partnership investments. From a young age Brian has also been interested in and studied design, art and architecture. His penchant for researching the history of properties and his understanding how our built environment affects us and our well-being – frequently served with a side order of Feng Shui – makes Brian well-suited to assist home sellers in preparing properties for sale as well as helping buyers evaluate and visualize themselves in prospective homes in both practical and emotional terms.

Due to his Military and Banking background, Brian possesses a strong sense of ethics and mentorship in addition to the proven ability to deal with the legal and financial complexities often involved with purchasing or selling a home. Brian maintains an ever-expanding database of buyers in Los Angeles who are seeking homes, and stays connected with his numerous contacts in the Banking and Wealth Management worlds. He believes in guiding his clients though all matters in complete honesty – telling it like it is so that issues can be addressed together to a satisfying conclusion.

Brian and his Husband, Cody, live in West Los Angeles and can be frequently found seeking out the best new spot for Unagi or Thai Curry, gawking at the shiny machinery at various Cars and Coffees, collecting yet another painting from their circle of artist friends, and taking walks beneath the jacarandas while planning their next travel adventure together.