Brian E Parker

has been a Californian for almost his entire life.  As a U.S. Air Force Brat, and a veteran of the U.S. Air Force himself, Brian spent most of his early years off-and-on in California until he returned from his overseas assignment and settled in San Francisco in 1993 – living there for 20 years before relocating to West Los Angeles in 2013.

He had a nearly 20 year career in Legal/Compliance for Investment Banking and Wealth Management – first with Wells Fargo, then 11 years at First Republic Bank.

Brian has always been interested in design, art and architecture – and is well-suited to assist home sellers prepare their properties for sale, help buyers visualize themselves in prospective homes, as well as deal with the legal and financial complexities often involved with purchasing or selling a home.

Due to his Military, Legal and Compliance background, Brian possesses a strong sense of ethics – He believes in dealing with all client matters in complete honesty.  Clients can count on Brian to tell it like it is so that together we can address issues and complete a successful transaction.