Does anyone really enjoy the idea of putting their house up for sale?

Does the uncertainty of the number of people walking through your house and the time it will take to get acceptable offers put a smile on your face?

I don’t think so.

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“Get Movin’ Guarantee”

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*$7500 Credit per $1 Million of property listing value – Maximum of $2 Million property listing value Guaranteed.  Terms and Conditions Apply.

Your Last Realtor Failed To Sell Your Property?

Parker House Realty knows how to get your Los Angeles property sold for maximum market value. If we can’t do it in 30 days or less, we’ll refund you up to $15,000 at closing!*

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Next Chapter: Homeowners 55 and Older

What does the next phase of your life look like?

And how does your existing home fit in with that vision?

So many people who have moved past the child-rearing phase of their lives are still in the houses where they raised their kids. But how often do those extra bedrooms get used for people to sleep in anymore? Who plays in the yard anymore? Has your garage/attic/spare bedroom become a designated storage unit for the family?

Perhaps it’s time to make a change – to something simpler and easier – to the Next Chapter of your life.

So what’s holding you back? The accumulated furniture and treasures can be sorted, passed down, sold and given away. The kids can stay in a nearby hotel or vacation rental when they come for extended visits. You can allow your children to host you for the Holidays. But the cost of a new home – New houses are so expensive! And the costs of fixing up the old house to sell – and the moving costs! Then there’s the Property Taxes – It’s low now on the old house, won’t it become much higher with a new house?

We can help solve all these issues and more.

Your house is probably worth more than you think, just as it is with no major repairs. People want to buy homes like yours and fix them up for the way they want to live in the future – So there’s no shame in giving it a clearing out, a good scrub and selling it as it is. This will help you raise the funds to get that more manageable home for the next phase of your life. You might even have some money left over to help supplement your retirement income!

As far as the property tax question – We can help guide the way towards taking your existing California Property Tax Basis with you when you relocate within Los Angeles County, or certain other California counties such as Ventura, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, or Orange!

Contact us today and we’ll send you a Special Report on how you can maximize the equity from your current home, and bring your LA County property tax basis with you to a new home that can better meet your current needs. We’ll also send you guides on Major Mistakes to Avoid when putting your House up for Sale, Questions to ask when Interviewing an Agent to Sell your Home, and 27 Tips for Selling your Home for Top Dollar!

The reports are absolutely Free and you have No Obligation to sell or buy anything or to even talk with anyone. You may learn a bit more about how you can move forward to a more manageable home, if you should so choose.

Better yet – Let us come visit with you. Show us your home. Share with us your vision for what the Next Chapter of your life will look like. Invite a close family member or a trusted advisor to be there with you, should you so choose. And then we can share with you how we can help guide you through the process – including working with you to help make the transition work to your best benefit. Again, there’s no Cost or Obligation to sell or buy anything. And if you do hire us and later change your mind. you can even fire us!

But you may also learn that it makes sense to move forward to your Next Chapter.